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Carob for Dogs

January 31, 2012  •  by Eric Eck

Can Dogs Safely Eat Carob?


By April Khan , eHow Contributor 

Carob is perfectly safe for dogs to ingest.

Carob is often used in treats for dogs as a chocolate substitute. It tastes very similar to chocolate and will not cause in your canine friend the poisonous reaction that chocolate does. Dogs enjoy its flavor, and can quite happily nibble on carob-based treats all day. Carob is also used as a chocolate substitute for people.

What Is Carob?

Carob belongs to the legume family. It grows on trees and is found housed within pods. Each pod contains about 15 carob seeds; both pod and seeds are edible.


Carob trees grow in the Mediterranean and flower in September and October. The trees do not grow any fruit for the first 15 years of life, but once they begin they can produce one ton of fruit in a single harvest.


Carob contains eight percent protein and traces of vitamin A, B, B2, B3 and D. Carob is also high in phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium. These vitamins and minerals are vital in the promotion of healthy bones, teeth, eyes and coat.

Dog Treats With Carob

There are many carob-based dog treats available for purchase at pet stores. If you want the carob without some of the unhealthy additives, there are recipes available to make healthier versions at home.


If you are giving your dog multivitamins or joint medications and he is being fussy, there are several varieties available that contain carob within the formula. This will guarantee that she gets a treat and her nutrients at the same time.




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